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Our team of Experiences Doctors with a combined experience of more than 20 years has performed over 5000 surgeries with a remarkable rate of success that has enabled patients to return back to their daily routine in a matter of few days. V K Neurocare And Trauma Research Hospital is in constant pursuit to achieve the highest position in terms of quality of care and has attracted talented professionals to provide personalized care and innovative solutions to neurological problems at varying levels of complexities.

We are specialized in performing a full spectrum of neurosurgeries in patients of all ages from newborns to elderly. We have mastered the art of eliminating the toughest of problems with utmost efficiency and accuracy which is evident in the success rate of all surgeries which is at 90-95% currently. We run a coveted comprehensive, integrated and evidence-based neurorehabilitation program comprising of a multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled professionals that include Neuro Surgeon, physiotherapists, vocational therapists, rehab nurses and medical social workers, who strive towards teaching and re-training patients in mobility skills, communication and cognitive processes. Biodex Body Weight suspension with Gait evaluation and training is a unique facility available for rehabilitation in advanced neurological cases. V K Neurocare And Trauma Research Hospital is first Neurology Hospital in Hisar provide Dr. V K Gupta as top most experienced Neuro Surgeon.

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