Indoor Pharmacy

  • At V K Neurocare And Trauma Research Hospital – we have indoor pharmacy for 24*7 which helps patients for getting medicine availability easily. At V K Neurocare Hospital And Trauma Research Hospital we help patients to use medicine as much they require which helps patient to save their money.
  • Hospital pharmacy is the health care service, which comprises the art, practice, and profession of choosing, preparing, storing, compounding, and dispensing medicines and medical devices, advising healthcare professionals and patients on their safe, effective and efficient use.
  • On a daily basis, many pharmacists dispense medications to patients in accordance with doctor’s orders and consult patients on medication usage and contraindications. Pharmacists communicate directly with physicians in order to correctly deliver medications.
  • Pharmacists play a vital role in the health care system through the medicine and information they provide. Pharmacist responsibilities include a range of care for patients, from dispensing medications to monitoring patient health and progress to optimize their response to medication therapies.
  • Pharmacist Job Duties: Prepares medications by reviewing and interpreting physician orders; detecting therapeutic incompatibilities. Dispenses medications by compounding, packaging, and labeling pharmaceuticals. Controls medications by monitoring drug therapies; advising interventions.

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