Latest Technology

At V K Neurocare And Trauma Research Hospital we have latest technology equipment in city hisar

  • 1.5 Tesla MRI
  • While many tertiary care hospitals have lesser than 1.5 tesla, V K Neurocare And Traum Research Hospital has 1.5 tesla, which provides ultra-fast and ultra-high resolution images of the tissue. It also helps in functional MRI (useful for various neurological procedures), Foetal and Cardiac imaging because of its crystal clear picture quality.
  • CT Scan
  • This provides faster as well as excellent quality images at low dose and is of significant benefit in the assessment of cardiac, coronary and vascular structures.
  • Radio Graphic Equipment
  • The hospital is also equipped with all imaging and radio graphic equipment which includes DEXA, mammography, 2 digital x-rays, 3 ultra sound machines with CT & MRI.
  • Emergency and Trauma Centre
  • That sets the V K Neurocare and Traum Research Hospital Emergency Room apart is the Triage room for emergency patients, separate Neurosurgery Emergency Room, Trauma/Resuscitation rooms and emergency ICU and holdings areas all attached to the main Emergency Room. Once a patient is brought to emergency, he/she is attended to immediately without being shifted to various departments. There are trained in-house emergency specialists and support services from other specialities are available round the clock. The ambulances are well-equipped with ICU, guided by GPRS and tele-medicine so that treatment of the patient starts from the point of pick up itself.

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