Patient Friendly

At V K Neurocare and Trauma Research Hospital Our Doctor are friendly with all our patient and gives their best to patient which help patient to get well soon. we provide patient comfortability zone which make patient to feel comfortable and easy to get consultation. V K Neurocare and Trauma Research Hospital have our own Pharmacy which make patient to get their medicine available in our Hospital only.
Our Building – V K Neurocare and Trauma Research Hospital building design is an innovative shape which gives immense advantages to the functioning of the hospital. It translates to the fact that all path-flows are separate, implying absolute infection control and safety which helps patient to make it easy

Easy Processes

All processes, At V K Neurocare And Trauma Research Hospital, have been simplified to deliver an experience of ease. This includes admission procedures, insurance claims, payment procedures, decentralised billing and others.

How Can We Help...

We offer life changing solutions. To live Symptom Free meet Dr. V K Gupta.