Over the past 20 years or so, V K Neurocare And Trauma Research Hospital has all along been serving the society in the spirit of “Respecting Life‧Impacting Life”. Back in the early days, V K Neurocare and Trauma Research hospital came to Hisar because of their love and respect to people of God. They took care of the people who were deemed valueless in the eyes of most people in Hisar City of Haryana State. Inheriting spirit to serve, V K Neurocare and Trauma Research Hospital nowadays offers care to patients who are in the need of good health.

We look to impact the lives of our service users while respecting them as individuals. We wish to spread positive values in the community so that the love and mercy of God can be shared by more people. Currently V K Neurocare And Trauma Research hospital scope of services includes: All Health Care Services, Rehabilitation Services and Neurology, Dental Services, Emergency services and many more.

Our Services

24/7 Emergency Services

Casualty and emergency services in V K Neurocare Hospital provide immediate therapeutic and diagnostic care on emergency basis round the clock. The Emergency room is an Twelve bedded unit and is strategically located.

Insurance Policy

The facility of cashless hospitalization offers immense benefit to patients. It provides the right to insured patient to obtain admission and undergo any necessary treatment without the worry of direct payment. The assigned TPA

Neurology and Neurosurgery

To tackle various disorders pertaining to the nervous system, the Department of Neurological Disorders at V K Neurocare And Trauma Research Hospitals offers comprehensive services in neurology as well as neurosurgery.

Patient Rights

At V K Neurocare And Trauma Research Hospital all patient have the right to seek and receive all information necessary for them to understand your medical condition. Clarify all your doubts before signing the consent forms.

Indoor Pharmacy

At V K Neurocare And Trauma Research Hospital – we have indoor pharmacy for 24*7 which helps patients for getting medicine availability easily. At V K Neurocare Hospital And Trauma Research Hospital we help patients ​

ICU Services

At V K Neurocare And Trauma Research hospital – Intensive Care Units provide high chances of survival for critically ill patients. Patients are admitted to the ICU in case of life threatening situations like Accidental Case, acute

How Can We Help…

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